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August 11, 2012



Oh, Hedra. I'm so glad you're back. I get a little thrill of joy when I see a new post from HFR in my feed reader! I'm especially thankful to be hearing your insights about the evolution of the interaction of the children with the world outside the family ... That's the crossroads where we are this year, and it's so reassuring to read about a successful family who has navigated it gracefully. Seriously, though, Hedra. So glad to see your words again. So, so glad!!


Thanks, MrsHaley. :) It's good to have the energy to write again, too. I think I parent better when I blog more. It gives me a conscious process to think things through in a chunk.

And of course, I said Miss R prefers to apply charm, and then the two of them swapped personalities, and Miss M is all charm and Miss R is using logic to win me over this morning. Or more likely they both do both, but I notice it more with Miss R... sigh. Another challenge!


Hey! You're back! So glad I was internetting instead of whatever I should be doing. Off-topic, but: I have to thank you for your Safe Respectful Kind essays, & have had to thank you for years now. That concept has made my life, & my kids' lives, so very much more navigable--even if that was all I'd ever read of yours, I couldn't thank you enough. & of course, there's more, but I wanted to get this in before I lost (a) my bottle or (b) my window of opportunity.

So glad I have a chance to read more of your thoughts on parenting again. Thank you!


:) Thanks, eta. I'm glad it helped. I'm also really happy that Moxie is including it in her book, because it was so useful to us to think of things differently.

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