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December 20, 2010



So good to hear of you and yours! I think goodwill towards you daily as we practice the Triads. They truly are so liberating!

Goddess Babe

Update... YAY!!


Glad to hear that the absence meant things are going mostly well. It is really fun to read about the competence and clarity your children are growing in to!

Now, any advice on where I can meet my own Prince Charming? I am not having much luck, and it sounds like you did a great job choosing a partner :)


@redzilla... our usual 'only half joking' reply to that question is "has thee tried the Quakers?" - Quaker boys/guys rock. :)

The longer reply is going to be a full post, because it is getting too long for the comment! :)


Good to hear from you again, and that so much good stuff has been keeping you busy. I was concerned about you.
I had crushes on many Quakers when I was younger. Some very sound people.

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