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September 02, 2010



OMG. So completely fascinating! My guy is only 2, but we suspect that he may have this situation of many young girls falling for his impossibly big blue eyes with long eyelashes, sensitive demeanor and coy smile. Though we also sense that he'll be more of an extrovert (at least more than his two introvert parents), so, different challenges.

But way interesting.

And in some weird ways, I do long for days when I can actually help/provide insight with things I'm more attuned to working with - relationships etc. Feels like I'm not helping so much right now with painful teething or not having enough words or understanding the latest tantrum.


Ah, Hedra, as always it's so interesting to get a peek into what's to come (my two are 4 now). I suspect I'll have the same strange glee at being to the point of discussing teenager topics - not too soon, of course, but in due time.

For what it's worth, my mother gave me that same parental "out" when I was a teenager to use for anything I needed. (e.g. "My mom will ground me forever if she smells smoke on me" or "if I'm not home on time" or whatever) despite the fact that she was fairly easygoing and openminded. I don't recall ever using her as an excuse, but still remember having it as a sort of safety net if I felt I needed it.


Mr. G has this kind of 'young David Cassidy' thing going for him. He's going to get a LOT of attention...

I'm taking notes for when my youngest reaches his age... He's alreay got a bit of 'young Larry Wilcox' happening, though I'm hoping he doesn't follow through with the stock market scams... ;)

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