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October 06, 2009



I recently took a couple of MBTI quizzes online, and I generally come out as INTJ or - probably more accurate - INTP. The strongest and most consisent part is that I'm an off-the-scale introvert.

And yeah: I hate noise, I need my space, I was THRILLED to go back to work after 3 months of staying home with a baby. And thrilled whenever the grandparents take her to their place for a weekend.

I think I am pretty good at being affectionate with my daughter, BUT being around her for any prolonged amount of time drains me, because she demands so much of my attention (she's 18 months old). It's not the physical contact but the amount of mental interaction demanded. I feel guilty admitting it, but I actually kind of like it when she's (mildly) sick and all she wants to do is snuggle up to me and zone out. I enjoy the cuddling and my mind is free to wander, that way.

I do worry that as she gets older and her emotional needs are, I guess, less obvious and direct than an 18 month old, I might not be demonstrative enough/ expressive enough.


Love the title! Way to go, Mr. G, for pulling out the joke when needed!

I learned a lot from the Raising a Spirited Child book as to how to deal with the I/E differences. I've realized over the years that I'm probably smack in between the I and E (making me an "X" apparently), and also that I and others often mistake my friendly, outgoing personality for being more of an extrovert than I am. I'm definitely working on how to manage my introverted needs, especially with my WAY extroverted daughter.

We're always a work in progress, aren't we?


I'd have called it Browninan Motion. Mr. G's title works better, though. ;-)

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