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April 26, 2010


Momma Beluga

Loving your blog.


Hedra, I think one of the reasons I love to read your blog (besides the fact that I wish I could have a beer with you, or tea or ice cream soda or something) is that your kids are older than mine, and hearing about them gives me a sort of preview.

Annika just turned two, and she's getting more interesting all the time. She's also getting tougher to parent, in some ways. A sharp word from mama that would have resulted in a quivering lip and compliance 6 months ago, now yields nothing more than a sly grin, averted eyes, and continuing to do what I just told her not to. It's already becoming very clear that she'll be the kind of kid for whom "Because I told you so" will not be an acceptable reason. Inconvenient at times, but a good thing in the long run.


:) It gets more and more interesting. And always new!

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