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March 07, 2010



I’m much closer to the start of the journey than you and your brood. But when I glimpse moments of Little Guy comprehending, showing compassion or accepting boundaries it is so cool. It’s such a big job to guide him on his way to adulthood; I hope I can help him become an adult I admire.


I can see the appeal, although with a two year old the adult stage is a long way off. But even at two, she's full of personality and joy and has already taught me some things about living life like you mean it.

Right now, it's common for me to feel like drinking because of her... but someday when she's of age, hopefully I'll go out drinking with her instead!


Yeah, at 2, and 3, and even 4, it seems forever away to adulthood... but at 5, it starts to seem like it is possible. And then 8, and 11, and... well, it comes.

At 2, it felt like it would be like this forever. I leaned a LOT on my mom's words at that age (about it not being about having kids, but having adult children). For each of them. (Having older ones didn't make 2 much easier.)

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