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February 02, 2010



As parents, most of us presumably get through the difficult days by looking forward to Good Things ahead, and (to the extent we can get away with) ignoring the possibility (probability? certainty?) of some Not-So-Good in the mix.

I like to pretend that my (now 22 month old) daughter will learn to read to herself, but still enjoy me reading to her... will become independent, but still give me lots of hugs and kisses... will have lots of friends but not be one of those horrid "popular" kids... and so on.

Right now she is very enthusiastic about cleaning things, and I love to fantasize that she will still love to clean when she's actually old enough to do it "for real."

parisienne mais presque

Ah, but the worst are the days when I see MYSELF in the second frame. Granted, I do get past Safe (usually), but Respectful and Kind are not always where I know they should be.

What you're going for is to instill that self-evaluation, the willingness to try and do better next time. I tell myself that when I'm off the mark and I'm honest to myself about it, I'm modeling. Right? :)

Because let's face it, perfect ain't gonna happen for any of us!


So, when are you writing the "Safe, Respectful, Kind" book?
I know I'd buy copies not just for myself, but for every parent I know.


I'm always writing it. But actual proposal? Er. I have a few chapters written, but don't have it sorted out in my head yet.


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