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December 06, 2009



I never know what to say other than I really enjoy reading your blog. Your writing, your perspective - just beautiful.


I love it snowglobe moments. What a beautiful way of describing those totally beautiful moments that we want to capture.


Ahhh. Lovely. Just lovely.


Some nuiversity towns are... Well, ugly. Industrial. This one is not. It's old. By American standards, anyway. The University has consciously chosen to avoid 'industrial' in-town. Some outlying campus structures and buildings are pretty ugly, but not in-town. The students live intermingled with the residents. Most in-town businesses are small, and rather funky. Liberal sensibilities live cheek-by-jowl with old-school icons. It's a town where 'six degrees of seperation' is replaced by two, or at most, three degrees. The kind of town where the mayor is also your real estate lawyer, or runs the grocery store.

'Tis a wonderful place for children, and ready-made for snow-globe moments.


Thanks for writing about your house & neighborhood--it's nice to read about other compromises people make & live with that turn out well. We live in a small neighborhood in a smallish city, and we have no real backyard & a busy street a half-block away, and when friends move away because they need more yard or more room, I worry that I'm shortchanging my kids because I'd rather walk to the grocery in under five minutes & stop somewhere for coffee on the way. The learning of the bike riding, for instance, is more dangerous on our street than than in the 'burbs, but I always hope the kids will find a happy tradeoff for that, like I do. It is heartening to read of another small house, small yard family that manages with such grace and cheer as you all do. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your neighborhood.

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