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November 29, 2009



I can't decide if I would remove all the ones I personally have never seen. I got this far without them. On the other hand, I've had 40 years to gradually absorb the cultural references in them from other sources, probably.

I can only imagine what impression of America an immigrant would get from Blazing Saddles. I guess that we have really odd senses of humor.

I wonder if they need Star Wars #2 also, though. Princess Leia in the gold bikini, Jabba the Hut. And is it the third? . . . . Luke, I am your faaaaather. But you need to draw the line somewhere.


Actually, I think Blazing Saddles would totally crack them up. There's some very raw humor in some of the Indian flicks, I hear.

Hmm, I think maybe that should be a test run...

Fortunately this isn't supposed to be 'all about American Culture' but 'what kinds of things we refer to without context'. We also tilted it slightly toward 'things people in business related to IT are more likely to use as verbal commentary references'.

I left on the ones I haven't seen, or that I don't remember well, for the same reason you noted - the references get in anyway.


What about The Princess Bride? In my group of friends (IT geeks included) that is a regular cultural reference piece. My name is Ixxxgo Montoya. Have fun storming the castle! Wesley and Prince Humperdink.... True Love...


Yes, Princess Bride.

Mawage . . .

Also, I think that is where "I do not think that word means what you think it does." comes from.


Oh, definitely - though we considered it and dropped it, I now don't recall why!

And Rocky Horror... uh, that'd be kind of a head-whack, though!

Someone yesterday suggested another, and it was one of those DUH! ones, but now I've forgotten it. Dang. It was a genre we hadn't touched... tsk. Going to itch my brain all day, now. (That person was heading home, sick, so probably won't be in today.)

Not that A and N are going to watch all of these anyway... Maybe they'll get to the top 10...


I'm so happy to say that I've seen 32 of them! And for a bunch of the others, I know what they are about and have picked up on the cultural references, like you guys have said.

Definitely have to add The Princess Bride. There's just SO many references.

Another one that I am always saying and hearing references from is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but that's really British so it probably doesn't make the list.


I was thinking Monty Python too. But maybe it's only at our house that people who say "I'm full" are asked "Are you sure you don't want another bite? It's wah-fer thin!"


Monty Python was considered, but rejected. True, it is a staple of IT-geekdom, but is more of an 'advanced class' topic, I think we ruled. If we included the all the advanced class movies that occured to us, I think we could've gone over the top on 'a-movie-a-day-for-a-year.'

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