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November 03, 2009



Very interesting.

I've been learning over the years how to ask for help, especially in the winters (with my Seasonal Affective Disorder). It's amazing the web you can make when you just reach out to everyone and say what you specifically need help with. And interestingly, I've found that others who have suffered from depression are often the ones who jump in to help the most--as if they understand how hard it is so they know just how to help.

I love your description of the strands of the web. So true because of people's different personalities and abilities to help.


CM - I find that to be true too - when you find individuals who've had a common challenging experience (e.g. parent with dementia or teenager who does poorly in school for no "good" reason) then the support & understanding are just kind of there. It's pretty neat.

Bob W

Humans are very social creatures. For better or worse, we're tribal at our very core. The way society is now, we've lost a great deal of our normal tribal nature. Studies have shown that talk therapy is more effective than medication for treating depression. Maybe therapy gives them the sense of acceptance and belonging they needed all along.

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