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November 27, 2009



It isn't Thanksgiving with kids if you aren't catching puke in your hands at some point. Too much run, run and tickling and cupcakes I suppose. Although this is my first Thanksgiving as a mom of someone old enough to tell me before puking on me - it's a definite from here forward I can tell. Sounds like your family knows how to enjoy Thanksgiving tummy aches and all.


My daughter saved the puke for the drive home last night. No catching in hands (backseat/frontseat problem), but the little girl (not quite 3yo) was clever enough to lift her blankie over her head before she threw up, so as to avoiding soiling it.


For a while my daughter had a lovely tradition of throwing up on Christmas. Happily she seems to have cottoned on to the idea that it's a lot more fun to wrap presents and anticipate Santa Claus.

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