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October 21, 2009



Sounds like a great day! And this is a great way to remember it.

Sorry we couldn't meet up. Let us know next time you're coming to DC and we'll try then!

Christi Bass

This post was so beautifully written. I felt as if I were enjoying the day there with you! :-) It's also a great reminder to be aware of those moments when they happen in my own life. Thank you for writing it.


My daughter loves the Metro too. I always feel like if we just did that and skipped the museums, etc., she'd have just as much fun. But boring old Mom has to cram in the "enrichment" too.


@Maria, I've had the same thought... though my kids also love the museums, so I can't quite get away with it.

@Christi, thanks. One of the things I like is being reminded of these things, usually stuff I already know, but reminders are good.

@caramama, we'll let you know with more advance warning next time. If we have it...


As a kid, I got to go to the various DC museums regularly because my grandparents lived nearby. I loved riding the Metro, and twirling around the poles. So much fun to hear about a day like that, and remember when, and look forward to when my own little one is old enough for those trips.

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