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September 24, 2009



Ooh, that sounds like a great book! I got "typed" back in highschool - INTP (off the chart for both I & N). The guy doing the test looked at me and said "you don't have many friends do you?" as I gaped at him he continued "don't worry, all the folks with your personality type wind up in universities, you'll have tons of friends there". I still haven't decided if that was a horribly inappropriate thing for him to have said, but he was absolutely right. But I can tell you that a house with 5 INTPs living in it gets very very messy...

The biggest problem for me growing up as an extreme N, was that my mother is an extreme S. This led to unbelievable amounts of conflict since we were working at cross-purposes most of the time. It was only after I found out about types and the communication styles of N vs. S that we finally started trying to understand one another. I just can't get over how big a difference it makes, knowing that someone is doing something because of who they are rather than because they are trying to irritate you. (I mean, seriously, I don't want to know about the design and colour of the bridesmaid dresses, the details of the centrepieces, and exactly what you ate at the wedding...I want to know if you had a good time! Mom - blank stare - had not even considered the overall atmosphere of the event as she was still processing the details. Me - unable to process the details as I have no framework in which to place them)

I had never even considered that there might be a family 'type' - now I'm completely fascinated!


No surprises, that you're an 'I.' Despite Mom's House's culture, I'm a *very* strong I. Dad's House's culture was strongly I, and it's no surprise I fit there better.

You and I are very much a like in many respects - I can play very successfully at being being an 'E' but it costs me a lot. It costs you less - your skills are better refined, but look where you go to recover your energy - that's a dead giveaway every time.


Yeah, but I used to go hang out or go dancing... I seriously used to walk in the door after a long day at work, go straight to the phone, and call people to find out where the party was...

Now, though, I hit the garden. By myself, if I can. Or the internetz. Or read a book on the sofa next to ep.

One of the cues that they say to look for is what you did as a kid when nobody was telling you what to do... you'd have found me half-way up the foothills, by myself (though others there was fine, I generally didn't chat much when I was with the group, just hiked up the rocks...). I used to think that was because I didn't have many friends, but maybe that was the other way around - no friends was the outcome of being an Introvert. I did want more friends, though... does that even matter?

One of the things that came to mind when I was thinking about the 'how you used to be as a kid' question is that Dad said once that if I was hurt, he always knew where to find me - in my room, by myself. He never knew a kid so willing to retreat to their cave... not even you, by the way. So maybe it is just skills.

Interestinger and interestinger...


I was so excited to see a new post on your blog; I always love the thought and insight you put into your posts. I know I have been “typed”, in high school and the only part I remember for sure was that I was an “e”. I think it would be really interesting to do it again and see where I am now and ponder what that means. You have me thinking about whether I am an “e” anymore or if it is habit to seek out social situations, I certainly find myself craving more and more alone time.


I finally took this test, I tested out at INTJ. I want my other half to take it and see what his type is. It might help explain some things.

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