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July 16, 2009



Kids are so funny. Why are you not psychic??? You do not live in his head? That's crazy-talk. :^) Next year will be better.

Sarah V

This is a good problem to have :)


I wonder what it is about writing letters with song lyrics? I remember going through a phase of passing notes with just song lyrics in them. Awesome that the only bad thing he has to say about camp is the boring emails from home. lol



We found the letters-to-camp tricky, too. Don't sound sad. But don't tell them about fun things happening at home. But say something, you know?

We knew SG was a little bit homesick when we got her letter asking us to write and tell her how the garbage strike was going. And to send more envelopes and stamps. (Except that we were picking her up three days later so it was too late.)

Goddess Babe

I'll match your suck and raise you...

Yesterday, Miss G (age 3.5) asked, "Mommy, who's coming over today." "Nobody, just you and me today!" I said brightly. She let out a sigh of disappointment and said, "I wish someone was coming over. It's BORING with just you here."

Yup. Wonderful for my self-esteem.

So, I proceeded to try to do a better than sucky job of playing with her/entertaining her to mostly be told that I was doing it all wrong. I was relieved when she wanted to watch TV.

Yup. I suck.

And, usually, I have much compassion for your young'uns. This post made me want to whap Mr. G upside the head. But then, what kid really knows how great their parents are?

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