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July 26, 2009


Katie B.

Dude, who doesn't like to play dress-up?! I don't understand them. I mean, Halloween has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. I could care less about the candy, it's the getting to play dress-up!

Sounds like an utter blast, and I wish it was in my neighborhood!


Ya'll should go to the PA Renn faire. Talk about dressing up! You even get a discount!

The train robbery sounds fun!


The PA Renn Faire is on the family radar. May, or may not, happen depending on time, schedules, and finances. Ti's pricy, even after the 'garb' discount - food, tchotchkes, etc... I, for one, have been recieving constant pings from my children IRT that event.

Mr.G was a favorite of the actors / reenactors. I don't think there was a one of them that didn't try to swipe his rifle, or button-hole him for 'support.'

The train robbery ride was an unqualified success, IMO.

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