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June 09, 2009



Oh, exhausting! And to think I've been looking forward to mine becoming verbal!


To be fair, Mr G is highly verbal. But yeah, exhausting some days. And I'm an extrovert! (10-11 is a lot about talking and being heard, too, so that makes it a bigger part of things.)

Suzie Q

Hedra, are you talking about Moorestown Day? We had such a good time -- as opposed to last year, when I was a walking PPD zombie -- it was great to finally be able to enjoy an event like that with my daughter and husband. Anyway... I already knew (being an avid Moxite) that we lived in the same neck of the woods, but to think that we might be neighbors... cool!

Hope all goes well with the biopsy results.


Suzie Q, apparently our towns schedule them the same weekend... Sorry, different town. Though I used to work in the Moorestown area, so we're not THAT far off. :)

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