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June 28, 2009


Anon for now

A thousand congratulations. :)

(So wish I had that in my life...)

parisienne mais presque

Congratulations! What a wonderful love letter for epeepunk!

Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? It'll be our eighth wedding anniversary this August, and for months I've been randomly musing aloud "Eight years. Can you believe it?" We're only eleven years out from our first date this summer, but things get better every year.

Funny, I was certain on our first dates that we were incompatible. Instead of the automatic approbation I expected from previous boyfriends, when I said something he disagreed with my then-future-husband told me so. And then told me his point of view. And started a long discussion about it. And sometimes he let me change his mind, or I let him change mine.

Turns out that it was a preview of the kind of honest communication I cherish in our marriage. Not that his stubborness doesn't drive me to distraction sometimes, but then again, I know through it all that it is Just What I Need.

And the being there, really THERE, with his weakness and his strength, even in the hardest moments, like childbirth? Yeah. They don't make many like that, I'm convinced.


That is awesome. Congratulations!!

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