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May 31, 2009



hedra--I don't know you, of course, but I feel like I do, after lurking so much at moxie and then here. I just wanted to say your stories and thoughts have been illuminating to read, and that I wish you all the best with your upcoming biopsy. If you lived round here, I'd offer to send baked goods or something, no matter how routine the procedure, but in any case, best of luck for this, and for straightening out the home gears, too. (Though after reading your blog this long while, I can't imagine you all not working that out quite gracefully, so I know those good wishes are rather redundant, but there you are.) Thanks for putting yourself and your thoughts and insights out here. It's been more helpful to your readers--this one, certainly--than you might even know. Gratefully yours, eta


Thinking of you and hoping you came out of anesthesia comfortably. It's often amusing for those nearby, but sometimes not.


Hoping the biopsy goes well on all fronts.

We seem to be entering a lumpy cycle at home also....I hear you.


I was (and am) fairly loopy coming out. I usually am more on the entertaining side for stuff like wisdom teeth. This wasn't bad, all in all. Though they did blow the IV line and have to re-do it in the middle of the procedure. Not the worst blow-out I've ever had, but I will have a nice bruise from it.

Now we wait for info from pathology - I get to be in the wonderful (suckage) category of 'not entirely certain what those were' from the OB. Probably some fibroids (but they didn't show up on the u/s), but 'probably' is not my favorite medical term. I prefer 'oh, I recognize this, I know exactly what that is'. Thanks! Oy.

the milliner

Thanks for this post Hedra. We're going through a shift now at home too with lots of bumpy patches. Your post was a good reminder that there will be ups and will be downs on both the work and home front, and that if you keep working at it, eventually things will come around.

Good luck for the biopsy results. My DH gets one every 2 years (heart transplant), and that waiting for results thing is never much fun. Sending good vibes your way.


I hope the results come back all good!

I know what you mean about having a great work place making it tough to deal with the frustrations at home. I hope that you guys get the kinks worked out soon. :-)


Six freakin weeks before the followup appointment. They'll call sooner if there's anything really alarming, of course, but I'd rather have the good news sooner, too.

Lisa F.

six weeks! sheesh!! well, hope things smooth out at home in that time. thank you for sharing the bumpy times too.. we're in the midst of a tough one, but there are bright spots in it.

and wonderful about work! isn't it great to be appreciated...I had that once, and hope to find it in my next work-for-pay situation.

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