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May 16, 2009



I've recieved a number of payoff moments second hand - It may not be as sweet as getting the directly, but they're sween none-the-less. When a teacher at my son's daycare pulls me aside out of the blue, and tells me how glad they are to have him, or how helpful he is... Or when I recieve an invite for my daughter to apply to a national honor choir event, and the 'cc:' list is a *short* one... These are things that my children have done or earned, by themselves...
But I helped create the conditions in which these moments could bloom.
Payoff, indeed!

The pays-off will be coming in over and over again, down the years. Like interest on a careful investment, you're not going to get is all back at once, but the end return on all your patience, labor, and doubt will be far greater than the total sum of what you put in.

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