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April 27, 2009



Hedra, I just wanted to say that since I found your blog, one of my hopes is that my daughter will someday be as cool as your kids. She's currently a year old, and already quite a character. I love reading about the future metallurgist/history buff, the shark biologist, the equestrian... I hope I can be as good as you guys are about clearing a path for her to chase her dreams and find her passions.


@Irene, just know that it may not feel like you're doing all that is required, even if you do more than we do - I know I regularly feel like 'MAN, we missed SO MANY boats... we suck'.

My mom reminds me that we don't know the measure of our parenting until/unless we see our kids parent. And even then, how much of it was us?


Yeah for Mr. B!!! That's so impressive, and great that he's found something that he loves so much and wants to pursue.


He looks great, and it is heart warming to hear you talk about his joy in it.


Don't think about this too much. Wallow in your joy for Mr. B. It's one of the unalloyed pleasures of being a parent, and needs no explanations.


@Tranq, um, you've known me all my life, right? Ruminating R Us. ;) Half the joy IS thinking about it too much. Heh.


"That's what parenting is for, some days - clearing the path so they can follow their passion."

Thank you for this. It's such a good reminder that I need to integrating into my everyday thinking!


ha! Yay. Some things are just empirically awesome (like Sally is empirically attractive in When Harry Met Sally). You can analyze them, but you'll get the same ultimate results. They're awesome. Go Mr. B!

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