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April 01, 2009


Sarah V

Hi Hedra, your groupie Sarah here:) I am so with you on finding the balance between birthing as a natural and healthy experience that our bodies were designed to do, and the back-up of evidence-based Western Medicine.

I was in unmedicated labor for 56 hours with M, between three and five cm until hour 52 of that labor- then a 30 minute transition and an hour of glorious pushing. I did hypnobirthing also and it rocked. I laughed as I was pushing her out (8lbs4oz) and was telling everyone in the room including the NICU team (meconium) how much I loved each and every one of them and how thankful I was that they were there to witness the birth of my daughter. Being able to FEEL my body take over and start pushing her out was unbelievable.

I am sure I was a site for the NICU team- totally naked, in the dark with my rainbow relaxation on repeat for HOURS. If it were not for my kick-ass midwife who totally trusted my body I would have ended up with a C-section at ummm hour 24 or so.

It was the most amazing experience of my life.

Yet...I am a nurse (pediatrics) and I was GLAD that the NICU team was there to suction the meconium out of her lungs right when she was born. I felt safer being in a hospital. Even if I had to say "NO I will not wear a hospital gown just because that is policy. NO do not send that anesthesiologist in here just incase I want an epidural. GIVE ME SOME FOOD RIGHT NOW I AM HUNGRY!"

As someone comfortable in a medical setting I was able to advocate for myself and my baby yet have a birth that exceeded my expectations.

If more Mom's were educated about "choosing their battles" in the hospital setting and had doula's to advocate for them I think more American women could have positive birth experiences.

BTW- I plan on telling my daughter her birth story all of the time so she can feel empowered to trust her body one day as well. Thanks for that idea!


I am so lucky to have an OB team (which also includes one midwife) that basically has a midwife/nursing perspective. The more I read and hear, the more I realize just how much I have lucked out in my access to them. They are all about minimizing intervention and prioritize things like water labor, medication-free birth, etc. But since they're OBs, you get that attitude in the hospital environment, which I feel is generally the wisest thing to do, because things *do* go wrong and there *is* a place for intervention. (And, to give credit to the hospital, it's also pretty progressive.) It's beyond a world of difference; it's like a *universe* of difference.

Anyway, I really posted to send my good wishes to your friend. I'm in my third trimester myself and with all the logistical and emotional turmoil it must make confronting cancer that much more challenging. I wish her a smooth and positive birth, as easy as birth can be.

tin whiskers

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