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March 12, 2009



So cool. That's a concept a lot of grownups have trouble with. And there are a lot of layers there - setting priorities, delayed gratification, working hard, setting goals, not really being sure you can do it in the first place, making a plan. :^)

Our experience is: December birthdays + Christmas means being rich with gift cards just when the store shelves are at their most depleted. It's so hard to wait until March, when you will have something to want and there will be something to buy.

Katie B.

Oh yes, the beckon vs. the hum. So true.

Funny thing is, I usually get the hum out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, and if I follow that (even though it's usually completely random), it's *right*. I'm always questioning it, because it always seems so impulsive, so random it has to be a beckon, but if I follow it, it always turns out to be a hum.


I find that satisfying the Godiva urge with Godiva chocolates will still lead to my needing more Godiva chocolates later. Hopefully, that won't be the case with the "new kitchen" urge. Unless we move to a new house that has a crappy kitchen, of course.


Heh, probably a bad example - because really, that's a repeating hum (or, um, a constant one!). But trying to hold it off with a quick fix not-so-satisfying alternative just makes it stronger, I find.

Not that I can eat Godivas anymore, anyway. Sigh.

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