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February 24, 2009


Parisienne Mais Presque

Had a similar experience with a whammy of a cold a couple weeks ago. Husband got it, and I was sympathetic, but did he really have to lie on the couch and complain all evening? Then I got it, and whoa, it was like being hit by a truck. So it was my turn to lie around and complain.

Le Petit was energetic and runny-nosed through it all, even though he had the chicken pox at the same time. Poor thing!


Just getting over my version of this myself--Mouse was down, last week, with a fever, headache, tummyache, no appetite, cough, etc. Of course I took care of her, all the movies you want, tempting liquids, hugs, quiet games while mommy tries to work but...ok, the worst is over? Off to swimming lessons you go! Yeah, now I'm on day 4 and I can just start to sit up enough to be online. It's a doozy. I like the way you put it--it's the difference that matters.

(Thanks to all powers, btw, that we didn't get the "bad version" of this one, which has had several of Mouse's friends out with 4-5 days of high fever and puking. Couple of ER visits for hydration, everybody going to be fine--but don't let anyone in San Francisco breathe on you right now!)


Ha! So true! I was a lot more sympathetic to the children's complaints of a sore throat and being really tired, AFTER I got it myself this month. Before? I gave out lozenges and Advil, and distracted them with computer games, but I wasn't very concerned, and didn't think one daughter was sick enough to miss school. Ooops.
I'm so sorry you and your family all had to get that bug. Hope you all are recovering again now.

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