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January 08, 2009



Very cool indeed. The effort you put into parenting makes the world a better place and will continue after you are gone and your children are grown and their imprint on the world shows the full and leafy best selfness you've helped to grow within them. Really. And thanks for sharing his poem.


Marvelous. That was my favorite part of the poem, too.


wonderful, just wonderful.

I do not remotely wish to make more work for you, but if it is possible to share the assignment for me to use with my sixth graders, I would be really grateful. (I am wondering if I could use it at the start of next year and then again as a check-in/self-progress one or two times during the year.) I can basically figure out the assignment but curious if any other special instructions aside from the first two or more words in each line. Thank you very much.


I'll ask for more detail, but it was part of a language-visual expressive link in ELA class. They also decorated a mask to illustrate the concepts. (I haven't seen that part yet.)

Almost all the lines were 'I *verb* ______' except a couple where they were just 'I ____'

Anyway, I'll ask about what the instructions were in more detail as soon as I get a chance.


What a terrific poem. I love the concept of not breaking him. Something to think about, especially on a day when none of my children are driving me crazy.

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