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December 23, 2008


Goddess Babe

For all the tweaking, it still sounds wonderful to me. This is the first year family differences have been set aside by my IL's so that we have a unified Christmas. It helps that on my side, there's not much family, and what's there is content to go/do whatever.

And, I think you mean Epiphany for Jan. 6. :)

I want multiple trees, too. For me. I am torn between theme and hodge-podge. This year we went with theme (faux-glass balls from IKEA - no breaking by curious little hands). It's missing something though, so if I can find a safe way to put a long needle into use by little hands, there may be kitschy popcorn strings added.

Someday soon (this year), I have to go to my family home and go through myriad collected ornaments and figure out what to keep. Til then, I guess plastic wins!


Duh, yeah, Epiphany. The kids were complaining they didn't have Advent activities this year, and the two merged.


Sounds like an wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. I'm kind of relieved my parents live interstate so we have to either do Christmas with them or with Hubby's family and not juggle both.

This year my parents are visiting us for the first time. It is an interesting experience doing the balancing act between two families, especially ones with such different needs/expectations.


I never liked the Victorian Excess on the tree. It always seemed so... Forced. Unnatural.

Fortunately, my wife is in general agreement, and over time, Mom has bowed to the inevitable, and the tree at her house is no longer a critical mass of ornamentation. Honestly, there were years I felt the tree would experience the ornamentation-equivalent of fusion.

Tree up, for us, will be tonight also - If we can muster the energy. I'm utterly fried from work, and we're NOT done with what we planned - What we planned will not, in fact, happen. There simply isn't enough time, after the way Work Ate My Life. Sobeit. Life happens, and the celebrations will accomodate, somehow. Eldest child is plugging for Xmas Eve at the UUA, if it makes any difference in your planning.


We're thinking Christmas Eve at home, but possibly with the olders helping set up the decorations at the church.

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