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December 12, 2008



Ah. I'm sorry your little one got hurt. Glad she's feeling like herself again.

We usually have a set of word games that we play while we're waiting around - "I see something" (La invented playing it by shapes too - "I see something square and yellow.") Different alphabet games, like "My Aunt Alice is going on a vacation and in her trunk she'll pack...." or listing an animal for each letter. We've recently started trying 20 questions.


Eek! I'm sorry she got hurt but glad that everything went smoothly at the hospital and she is on the mend.


Good to know it all went smoothly.

The local kids hospital may have goofed the Fructose issue, but for trauma and 99% of the rest, they're very, very good. Maybe not *quite* so good as the kids hospital in the major city to the north of us, but dang good, anyway. I *far* prefer their ER to the one at the hospital just out my back door here.

Make some fish-faces at Miss M for me.


aww I am so sorry that she got hurt. I hope that they're all feeling better now.

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