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November 12, 2008



Thanks for the reminder. I need to see what's in our multivitamins.

(Your Science Daily link is to the wrong article, though that one is interesting too!)


p.s. I wasn't having trouble with your feed in Bloglines, though am I having trouble with at least one other blog's feed.

Goddess Babe

My doc had my levels tested this summer, and they were way low even then. I know I'm functioning much better in many areas with increased supplementation. I will hunt around and post some links.

Let me say, it is a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

D3 is the greatly preferred form over D2. It's an oily hormone, so dry forms, uh, no. Yes, go for liquid (drops, liqui-caps, etc.)

FYI, even though anything above 30ng is considered normal levels, OPTIMAL is closer to 50-70. So, won't get rickets at 30, but still feel tired and foggy with reduced immunity til you get closer to optimal.


Any recommendations as far as brand of supplements? With the oil, it would also seem to be important to get them as fresh as possible.

Goddess Babe


My understanding is that most brands of liquicaps should be ok - the encapsulation shuts the oily part away from air.

D3 (cholecalciferol) is D3 is D3, so get the least expensive you can find. I get the store brand at my local co-op in 1000 iu dose. I have tried drops for my daughter; she likes them, but they are expensive in comparison (4.50 for 60 doses at 200iu, which is about what I paid for 100 caps at 5x the potency for me.)

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