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November 18, 2008



Lovely and wonderful. Happy birthday to your little girls!

An important part of our birth stories (mine and my sister's and my daughter's) is who couldn't wait to meet you - the grandparents who drove through the hurricane; the grandmother who said, "I'm not leaving until this baby's born!"; the aunt who was the first to hold you (after mom and dad).

I need to start thinking about the baby's birth story - the birth itself was pretty scary and not what I expected, but all of the other stuff surrounding it was good.


This made me smile, both for the girls' stories and remembering my kids'. Maya loves that the morning she was born, it was a gorgeous blue fall day with golden leaves all over -- and that a deer was sitting quietly outside unperturbed that I walked by her. For Gavin (since he's only 8mo, we haven't done any official telling yet), I think that the big deal may be that I delivered him myself -- pushed him out so fast (and, my midwife says, so confidently), that the midwife just let me do it.

Happy stuff.


In the realm of my life's experiences, being present for those births ranks quite high!

I recall the slightly dumbfounded/frustrated/disappointed/resigned look on your planned OB's face in the hallway, all suited up in scrubs, ready for a birth that already happened. Hee hee hee! He's a good one though, even if he did miss the birth.

I recall, also, your intense, calm focus during the births. Especially when Miss R was being moved around. Model of calm. Model of strength. And humor/lightness.

Happy Birthday G, M, and R. (Even if I missed it!)

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