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August 08, 2008



La also has big physicalness with her (big)feelings. And they're noisy too, but inarticulate.

I would tend to not think of ice cream as a bribe, but giving him something to look forward to. :^) Maybe cause that's what I'd have done too. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get through things.


You seem to have such wonderfully sensitive children. I'm so pleased that there are parents out there who actively encourage this in their children. I always think what a terrible waste it is when adults stuff their emotions and passions because it wasn't safe to express them as children. I wish I had had a mother like you, who could recognise and walk with me while I experienced joy and love and loss. Well done, you!


They *are* wonderful children... Each one uniquely themself. They've had a lot of help along the way, a lot of concerned and tallented people whom have contributed, such as the teachers at the old school. But then, they attract that kind of attention, and invite it by *being* so much themeslves. Even my daughter, who superficially appears to be so... normal, invites it, though in different ways. Well, they each have their own way, really - I suppoose that's my point.

Thank you hedra - I'd have not managed that get-together with Mrs. S this summer on my own, so you gave my daughter a real gift. It's not an easy thing, to be adored by your heroes, as I've been blessed to discover once in my life. Finding that, at so young an age, is a gift of almost terrifying beauty. Finding that you can stand in the light of that regard, and return it, is a gift of incredible power.

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