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August 25, 2008



:: sends berries and salmon to Mama Bear ::

I hope that with a full belly she can take a well earned rest.

That said I never realised until I became a mum myself that the worry is just always there, it might reduce to a dull hum in the background but it never goes away.


I'm sure you'll be waiting on pins and needles to hear how their days went.

It's Day 3 here (thanks to Fay) - Between the big kid having to leave the house at 6:20 for the bus and the littlest kid not going to sleep after her 5:30 bottle, the girls and I were out of the house really early this morning.

La insisted on walking to school today - and I left her at the last crosswalk, across the street from school. Snapped a phone picture as she made it across, watched her look a little lost as she approached the building from a new direction, but get righted again with the bigger kids who were there. Then cars crossed between us and I turned back for home to get my car and go to work.

It's tricky. It was surprisingly tough to let her go, but I think she needed me to let her try it herself (she is not subtle about these things).

And, like B, she was clingy and shy at meet the teacher, but I think she was absorbing all that she could so that she could launch out on her own on this new big kid adventure. It's great to see her brave and proud of herself. But, at the same time, a little sad to see that she sure isn't a baby anymore.

For the one in high school, it's surprisngly not so different- I half want to follow him to the bus stop to make sure he made it there OK, but instead wait for the magic phone gps thingy to text that he left our neighborhood and got to the school neighborhood. And look for the texts that say he's back home again. And hear at dinner what he's willing to share with us about his day.

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