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August 15, 2008



Smiling at the fairies.

You know you're a grownup when a box of fox pee is something lovely left by a fairy. :^)


nah, you should see the kids get all excited over the fox pee, too. I mean, it's PEE. From a FOX. Like, a real fox. And it's PEE. And what's more fun than saying anything related to the bathroom! And wildlife at the same time! Miss M tried to run off with it when I opened it.

Granted, my kids are also way into their gardens, so ... groundhog bad, fox pee good. Powerful defenders of their land, these ones. Good fox pee fairy.

Maria Wood

We have elaborate hair-brushing stories as well, which I will *only* tell while doing P's hair in the morning (otherwise I'd be telling it ALL DAY). I am not allowed to invent any part of the story. I must repeat the plot points as she lays them out, with a moderate amount of verbal elaboration permitted.

It's always about P, who is a superhero, and usually her cousin W as a sidekick, and a huge group of friendly animals. Huddie and Sally and Carenial are wolves, there are also bears and an owl and cows and a baby wolf. Common plot lines are about the group playing Hide and Seek and P & W hide in some place that is IMPOSSIBLE to find and they stay there for a year or more, sneaking out to steal the s'more ingredients from around the campfire. Or, they're all climbing Mount Everest. Frequently they are accosted by a band of Fierce Wolves and P has to put on her superpowers, one of which is that she gets bigger and bigger. The wolves always capitulate and often opt to learn how to be friendly wolves and join the group.

Truthfully, I am monumentally bored with this whole thing at this point, but I'm forbearing.

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