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July 19, 2008



Ya done good, Sis.

Sure, you hurt now, but in the weeks and months and years ahead, the dividends will return to you a thousandfold, and more. You've earned your stiff muscles, with honor. Go and pamper your self a bit.


I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. Missed your usual insightful comments on Moxie, and of course here.

Goddess Babe

How cool! Now YOU get the original castle room. I want a cool bedroom.

Heck, I'd settle for repainting from the original split pea green..


Hi -- wildly flattered by your comment in response to mine at Moxie's, plus I always like your comments there so thought I'd stop by.

Good luck with the paperwork (and what follows), and the recovery from the moving; sounds like quite a project.


@Alex, I sometimes think my biggest contribution to Ask Moxie is that my posts are so long, I've allowed more leeway/comfort for others to post at more length, which then shows how much insight EVERYONE has. It's hard to get to the insight in 4 lines. I'm always astonished by those who do. And I'm always looking for the insights from others (I tend to gather in a lot!). Yours fit something I needed to hear, in particular. So, again, thanks.


I've also always thought that a child's bedroom should be special, even magical. My parents were really great about letting us kids have it the way we wanted. (Yes, that meant my room was pink from top to bottom--a pink that would probably make you puke! But they went with what I wanted.) Right now, I'm at the easy stage where I get to pick out exactly how I want the nursery to look (with hubby's opinion, of course). I'm really into themes for my decorating, and I look forward to when the Pumpkin can start telling us her opinion and helping create her own magical room.

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