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July 29, 2008



Hi. I loved this post. I love remembering when I was small, as troubled as life was and with all the unmet needs, still I love remembering the warm spots on the floor. I love going there in my mind. I have those warm spots still. As I read your post, the thought that kept coming to mind is a memory I have of realizing that hmmmmm... so if I come back again tomorrow to this spot at the same time... I may have my warm spot again! And the next day and the next day... There seemed to be a comfort in that for me. Not to take away from the whole point of your post, which strongly speaks to me of the realization of powerlessness, right? I remember that when I was 5 and I suddenly realized that my daddy would be dead some day. I experienced all the same thoughts and feelings you did. Isn't it amazing how universal those basic thoughts and feelings and needs are? We all get hit with them at some stage in our own time and way.
I loved reading this and will go back and read once more.
I came here through your posting at the NVC Parenting group on Yahoo! Thanks for sharing!


I'm always amazed by your childhood memories. My sister can remember back that far, and I have friends who do. Me? I really remember very little. My husband hit the nail on the head when he said recently that I have a great short-term memory, but it's my long-term memory that is not so good. (I'm more likely to remember plots and characters in books I read when I was young than what actually was going on in real life. I wonder what that says about me?)

But the point that you can use these memories to relate to what your kids are going through is wonderful. I think because I seem to lack the memory, I read a lot and simply try to learn what's going on and be empathetic. The few things I do remember, I am sure to use. (Which is why I'll never do CIO.)

So thanks for sharing this. I learn so much from you. :-)

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