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July 12, 2008



That is wonderful, congrats to them! Everyone can only wish to find those qualities in their marriage.


Congrats! Your whole family must be so excited!


Grinning with you.


It's long past due.

And yet, they've been SO "married" for SO long, this is almost an anti-climax. But it's fitting, right, and is their due. VERY pleased to see this day finally coming to be.


How happy for them! And what a joy and privilege to have such a model of healthy relationships in your lives. Yay!


That is very happy news.


Heartfelt congratulations, both for them and for your whole family to be able to celebrate together in this way.


What joyful news. Congratulations to the happy couple! I am so glad that same-sex marriage is legal in Canada, and agree that it was long overdue. Won't it be great when more states and countries finally figure out that this is a good idea?

Goddess Babe

Wish I could think of a better way to put this, but...


Acknowledging that blogs are NOT conversations, I still have to ask whether you all will be going to the wedding, or is it a quiet just a few people on a beach thing?


@Goddess Babe, I don't think we can, and at the moment we haven't been invited. There will be a reception locally, though, probably the following month.


@Goddess Babe; Whilst the local (to hedra) branch of the family will largely be absent (excepting our mother, sister, and her partner!), one of the other siblings may be able to make it. But we're, as a family, so scattered to the winds that getting more than a few of us in one location is always a bit problematic.


Congrats to the happy couple! One of the most wonderful things I've experienced being in San Francisco has been the joy and pageantry during the 2 legalizations of gay marriage. The first time, when it was so unexpected and goodhearted people from all over the world were sending bouquets addressed "to the newlyweds" to City Hall, it was amazing to be here and have my faith in humanity refreshed. The second, hopefully more lasting time, has been quieter but still sweet--many friends marrying, and Mouse's preschool took a little field trip down to City Hall the first day, to hand out flowers and witness history. I'm glad our state can host your sister's happiness!


Congrats to your sis and the family! That is awesome!!!

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