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July 28, 2008



Sorry to hear about the collision.

It's always nice to see your kids do "the right thing" - I think that's how older sibs roll, and they learn it at home. :^)


Well, at least it wasn't my six year old who collided. It was one of the others (realized that wasn't clear, there).

I find it interesting to have the younger kids be twins in that they tend to swap back and forth who is the 'big' sister. (the older is also smaller) So maybe they'll both be big sisters, in the end, too.


I am so not looking forward to birthday parties... You are a warrior.

And thanks for your kind words on Moxie's blog. Made my day!




Awwww. What a good guy. That reminds me of the kinds of things my brother would do for me. Big brothers with big hearts are the best!

I think it's definitely all the things you describe, including the modeling. I think there is too much selfishness and self-centered thinking that many adults do which translate into what many kids do with those models. Not enough sympathy, empathy and thoughtfulness of others, from adults to kids. Little examples like the one B did can make all the difference. :-)

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